2017 Ski Selwyn Six Season Update

Posted by Rahana Jarvis 12 June 2017.

With a good early winter storm bringing snow last week and more in the forecast it is time to really start getting excited about the ski season.

Of the Ski Selwyn Six Porters is the only ski area that boasts snow making facilities and conditions have been great for pumping out snow to build the base recently. For this reason, along with their great facilities and cruisy learning slopes, Porters is a great early season option to get the ski legs in. Their intended opening day for 2017 is the 23rd of June.

New for 2017 Porters have introduced the Premium Season Pass, it's a first for Australasia where you get heaps of benefits from your pass including reserved parking, real coffee, a hot lunch, gear rental and lessons. If you're new to the sport this is the ideal hassle-free way to get in to it.

The remaining ski areas all rely on natural snow so will typically open a little later, depending on the weather. Snow coverage can change rapidly taking the mountains from bare to covered in the space of a good storm so it is best to be prepared for a powder day at all times.

The great thing about Selwyn is with all the ski areas close together you can hold off making a call on where to go until you have a good idea of what the conditions are shaping up to be. The flip side of this is with a lot of great events and ski weeks on throughout the season it does pay to book accommodation ahead of time to avoid missing out.
If you're keen to lock in a ski holiday now I recommend checking out the new Chill Travel Pass, it is offered a 7 or 10 Day option with all Ski Selwyn Six mountains included and options to use the pass for lessons and accommodation. It will save you money and still gives flexibility.

It is worthwhile doing a bit of forward planning and checking out all the deals and events on offer. If you're new to the 'Clubbies' I suggest signing up for a lesson, ski week or snow safety course. You'll get expert insights, meet new people and improve your skills in a fun, safe environment.

Cheeseman have an Adult Season Pass on offer for $299 and are planning to open on Saturday 8th July. If you're planning a ski holiday on a shoestring budget then Forest Lodge, a short distance up Cheeseman's access road, is a comfortable, cheap self-catering option.

Broken River have great rates for families, members and groups and are planning to open on the 24th of June. The ski area has two sheltered basins with a typically long season, laid back atmosphere and delicious pizza and craft beer on offer at the day lodge. There is a great range of events on for 2017, including courses to learn avalanche awareness offered for youth as well as adults.

Craigieburn Valley also have great rates for members and plan to open 8th July. The terrain at Craigieburn is legendary and sitting down to a cooked meal while staying on the mountain has to be one of the best things you can experience in life. Check out their packages to stay and play.

Temple Basin have an awesome deal going for a Season Pass, Membership and 4 Nights Accommodation (including meals) for only $499. Opening Day is planned for Friday the 7th of July. There truly is something for everyone in their jam-packed event calendar from yoga to Splitfest, a long weekend devoted to splitboarding.

Mt Olympus are planning to open on the 8th of July. A ski week in the 'playground of the gods' is the perfect way to escape the daily grind. It won't cost a bomb either and when staying on the mountain hot-tub use and access to the dress-up box are included in the price tag.

Stay tuned for further updates on the Ski Selwyn Six mountains and feel free to do a little snow dancing in the meantime!