2018 Splitfest at Temple Basin

Temple Basin is well known for its big mountain terrain, both in terms of the vistas from the ski area and the terrain accessible via the ski area’s lifts.  For a number of season, the Splitfest has been running over 4 – 5 days in September.  This season, the Splifest starts on Thursday 6th Sept and runs through to Sunday 9th Sept.

The Splitfest brings together everything we embrace when we leave the ski area boundary.  Starting with the gear to use, both ski and snowboard, traveling safely in the backcountry and sharing stories in the alpine environment.  This festival is worth checking out, celebrating alpine adventures with likeminded people.  

In 2018 the Splitfest starts from the 6th Sept through until Sunday 9th Sept.  It combines workshops for beginners and advanced tourers, gear geek ‘stuff’, alpine stories, a party and the opportunity to join a tour into the backcountry.  There are also a number of competitions and an expedition grant and youth scholarship on offer.

All the instructors, presenters, and gear specialists volunteer their time throughout the festival.  A majority of people stay up at Temple Lodge for the duration.  There are still a limited number of beds available. The registration fee covers all workshops and participation throughout the Splitfest, plus there are great prizes up for offer from a collection of generous sponsors..

Listed below are the scheduled workshops and activities over the next few days.    

Thursday 6th Sept

  • Splitfest Touring Day

Friday 7th

  • 6.45am Dawnbreak Yoga Session

  • 10.30am Avalance Awareness Workshop

  • Evening Splifest Slide Show

Saturday 8th

  • 1.00pm Splitboarding workshop + Ski Touring Workshop


Splitboarding – Workshop covers

  • Splitboarding gear - A brief run down for those new to splitboarding covering the required equipment for splitboarding and backcountry riding.

  • Splitboard Transitions – The basics on how to efficiently transition your splitboard from ride mode to tour mode and back again as well as how to deal with splitboard skins.

  • Touring Techniques – The basics on setting a skin track, using the heel risers and mastering the kick turn. We can also cover any other splitboard related topics for backcountry riding and touring that you may have.


Ski Touring – Workshop Covers

  • Gear for ski touring - A brief run down for those new to backcountry skiing.

  • Skinning techniques -  how to set a skin track, use the heel risers, cover ground with ease and make those kick-turns when it gets steeper!

  • Backcountry touring  – The basics on route selection and other things you should know eg. avalanche safety.

  • Evening Splitfest Party

Sunday 9th

  • 1.00pm Join a ski tour – to suit different levels of experience and ability

  • 4.00pm Prize Giving

Up for Offer

  • Cactus Best Line Competition

  • Ranger Back Country Photo Competition

  • Ski Mountaineering Expedition Grant

  • NZAC Youth Scholarship for Ski Mountaineers

  • Demo gear is available throughout the Splitfest.

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