Interview with Ryan Charmley

  • Club President & Builder at Temple Basin

Realistically this year wasn’t the best time to touch base with Ryan Charmley at Temple Basin with juggling the day to day operations and management of Temple Basin along with the new build of the staff quarters his time was limited to talk to us but he fitted us in and here is what he had to say;

Tell us about your role at Temple Basin?

From 2017-2018 Club President, along with a builder whose been working on the staff quarters renovation. Interested in marketing the place, filling beds and building a fantastic club culture.

What’s a typical weekend on the mountain like for you?

Unfortunately  I haven't had one this year, normally I'll try and find a few new people up the hill and take them for a tour to familiarise them with the terrain. I'll go for a hike up somewhere interesting and usually you'll find me in the bar at some point in the evening helping out and giving the staff a bit of time off

What do you think is special about Temple?

The walk, it's a natural filter so everyone there has made an effort to get there. It's also surrounded by some rather large mountains so the view is pretty special. Throw in a few families, rope tows, the occasional pro, great food and the terrain ra ra ra, need a bit more thought on this one.  

What would you tell someone thinking of coming to Temple Basin for the first time?

Stay the night, it's a disservice to yourself only experiencing half of Temple.

Anything at Temple Basin that was particularly special this season or coming up in the next six weeks?

We'll being seeing the Season out with the return of Fire and Ice. It's guaranteed to be a big night. As for next year, the Eastern are coming back!

What’s your favourite adventure into the Mountains around Temple?

That has to be Rolleston, it's always staring you in the face and with two unsuccessful summit attempts I have unfinished business with it.

What is your must have item / items that you have with you on the mountain?

Crampons, as a snowboarder that likes getting into some interesting terrain they're a must for access and can be used as a get out of jail free card when you're in a line that looked better from afar.

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