Mountain Biking in the Selwyn District

The Selwyn district offers a mixture of mountain biking opportunities from beginners to experts to family friendly riding along the historical Little River Rail Trail to the more challenging sensational single track in the mountains of the Craigieburn Forest Park.

The Little River Rail Trail

The intensity of the little river rail trail is a lot more family friendly then most in the Selwyn District, so a good one for the kiddies. The majority of this section of the rail trail runs alongside the Te Waihora (Lake Ellesmere), where the railway embankment is raised above the lake and adjoining wetlands. There are spectacular views to be seen of the surroundings and an exceptional birdlife to experience. This part of the trail starts at Motukarara, of Park Road and is about 13km approximately in length. Enjoy!

Images from New Zealand Tourism

The Porters Flow Trail

It is the very first flow style trail in the Castle Hill area. It was purpose built to be situated in the incredible picturesque alpine scenery around the Porters Lodge. It offers both a challenge and a lot of fun for all riders of all levels.
The trail starts off with a small climb, around 1km long which then allows access to the fun flow trail descent that is guaranteed to put a big grin on your face, it’s about 1.2km long.
Feel free to stop into the Porters Lodge too. Bruno and Michelle offer a relaxed and inviting environment for riders dropping by even if it’s just for a few laps on the trail, or catching a meal or drink. Get involved and be sure to check it out next time you are in the Selwyn district!

Porters Flow Trails
Image: Luke Armstrong

Craigieburn Forest Park

The Craigieburn Forest Park offers some incredible single track, some even say ‘the best purpose-built single track in NZ’. It’s not for the faint hearted though. Make sure you have ridden a bike and are confident. It’s advised to fit the intermediate rider. Riders are spoilt for choice though as you can choose to bike a single trail or link up a few trails for a full day out.
The Craigieburn Valley to Lyndon Saddle ride, it’s called ‘the edge’. It is one of my favourites and gets the heart pumping. To access the trail, you ride up the Craigieburn Ski Area access road to the base of the field then head off east along the gnarly, and exposed track along to Lyndon Saddle. From here take the right hand track, the Luge down to the Broken River road, a seriously fun ride downhill and so beautiful through the incredible built up beech forest.

Images by New Zealand Tourism

Please remember the off-road code - “wear a helmet, respect other users, give way to walkers and most importantly have a blast!”

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