Porters: Snow School 

A controlled, fun learning environment to help build up skills and confidence, the Porters Training Programmes.

The Porters Training Programmes offer multi-day skill development and improvement programmes; including freeriding to racing and all of the fun stuff in between. The programmes are designed to develop young skiers skills to take their skiing to the next level in a fun environment.

The mission here is to offer ‘a safe and fun learning environment where children can build their skills and confidence up’.

With small groups allocated by age and ability, the children get a personalised experience full of individual attention. This is complemented with a lesson structure specifically designed for the programmes. Children set their own goals with the instructor and this ensures that there is a positive and highly motivated vibe. All of this maximises the successful outcomes of the children's development.

Parents can be confident that their children are in a fantastic environment so they can go and enjoy some of the excellent skiing at Porters themselves worry free.

‘At Porters we want everyone to get the most out of their time with us, no matter their skiing ability’.

To a person who has never skied before, what do they need to know:

The mountain weather can change quickly so come prepared with layers of clothes. It can be really warm when skiing and in contrast sometimes cold when you stop. Snow can be a bit wet sometimes so a waterproof jacket and pants are a good idea. Add to this a warm hat or helmet, waterproof gloves, a warm thermal layer, long smooth socks and you're set for a good day. The sun is bright so sunglasses or preferably goggles are essential.

You can get gear from your local sports shops or value products from some of the big discount stores. We also hire clothing here at Porters and sell great value gloves, hats, goggles and some clothing

We are only a little over an hours drive from Christchurch on the main west coast highway 73. We have an easy and short access road which often can be chain free and suitable for 2 wheel drive cars. You can hire chains from your local ski shop. I recommend always carrying chains with you even if you have a four-wheel drive.

If the access road requires chains we have a shuttle service subject to demand that we can take you up to the skiing from the chain fitting areas.

Once at the ski area base. The base area facilities sit alongside the beginners and intermediate slopes making it convenient to get started on your snow experience.

"Working at Porters has always been one of my favourite places to instruct, from teaching the nearby school groups, teaching the local kids and families and also tourists looking for their first taste of skiing, its a joy to introduce the sport to such a wide range of people. Porters has always had a relaxed yet professional atmosphere which makes it such an enjoyable place to work."
- A quote from Alex Davidson a ski instructor at Porters.

For more information please visit our website at -https://www.skiporters.co.nz/snow-school/porters-training-programmes


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