Six places to Eat in Selwyn District

The Selwyn District offers the gates to six club ski fields, numerous ski bunnies and mountain adventurers on route to the mountains have to stop at any one of these locations for a tasty treat or epic feed.

They include:

1. Hororata Cafe | The Butcher’s Pie

One of the wonderful cafes on offer in the Selwyn District. A great place for a quick stop or even a longer meeting place for a coffee, snack or pint. It has a very cozy atmosphere with a fireplace beaming in the winter along with a great selection of hearty treats, both savoury and sweet. The staff are helpful and friendly. People like it because it is locally owned and offers the best pie in town, according to most!

2. Sheffield Pies

Sheffield pies is a superb cafe with great selection of fresh sandwiches, snacks & of course pies. This is not your average greasy sandwich shop. They take great pride in all the food they produce from bacon bap to full themed dishes. Everything is absolutely delicious. Highly recommend to everyone. It’s a quick stop in takeaway location, not a lot of seating on offer.

3. The Bealey Hotel | High Country Lodge, Restaurant & Bar

The Bealey Hotel is amazing, the staff are friendly and helpful. This is the stop for a longer duration. They have rooms on offer that are clean tidy & warm. Also they are known for having very comfy beds and beautiful views that one could die for! The warm atmosphere in the restaurant and bar is a drawing card. A definite must do for those travelling.

4. Darfield Bakery

One of the cutest bakery shops around. A cute place to check out if you're ever in Selwyn District area.  You just walk in, and order whatever you want.  They have various pies for you to choose from, and also a menu board for their breakfast pastries. Nowhere else matches up to these pies they are absolutely divine. The establishment is clean, modern and cozy. Definitely a stop off point on your way to and from from skiing. Highly recommend.

5. Fat Beagle, in Darfield

The fat beagle is an incredibly welcoming and fun place to stop by. The staff here are great and super attentive. It's very laid back, and there is always a quirky spot to sit. It’s cozy and warm and they even offer almond milk as an option for coffee drinkers. The menu is a lengthy one & it’s super impressed with how many options they have.

6. Springfield Motel & Lodge

Springfield Motel and Lodge offers accommodation and food. Whether you’re after a quick stop for some dinner or lunch, a relaxing weekend of wining and dining or an adventure packed
activity holiday, we can cater for you! The property is 5 minutes' walk from the Springfield Donut. For the traveller there are accomodation options for everyone and for the day tripper the classic roast is on offer on route back to Christchurch or home after a solid day on the slopes. It’s a must do even just for the roast!

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