Ski Selwyn Six Spring Update

Welcome to our last Ski Selwyn Six mountain update for the 2017 winter season. It has been the best snow season we have seen in quite some time. Broken River are set to open Thursday - Sunday this week and Sunday will be their last day. They are the only mountain still open of the Ski Selwyn Six so be sure to head on up there over the next few days and celebrate what a cracker season it has been!

Here's a rundown of what's been happening in the mountains over the last few weeks with a few upcoming events too, posted 11 October 2017.


Porters wrapped up the season on Saturday 7 October.


One of the highlights of the season for Cheeseman was the (annual) Cheeseman Undie 500 - brrr!

Broken River

Broken River look set to open Thursday - Sunday this week. Be sure to check their reports for updates.

Craigieburn Valley

CV are now also closed for the season.

Temple Basin

Temple Basin are now closed for the season. Time to start counting down to Winter 2018!

Mount Olympus

Mt Olympus are celebrating the season (they closed last weekend) with a party in Methven on Saturday.

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