Take The Family

If you are looking to bring your family skiing, Porters Ski Area is ideal. It is the closest club field to Christchurch and has terrain ranging from beginner to advanced. If you are an experienced skier and want to introduce your children to skiing, you'll find no better place than Porters. It has a wonderful beginners area that allows for gradual advancement, until they are ready to take on a few of the tougher lines. But it also has enough advanced runs to keep even the most experienced skiers busy.

Most of the other club fields near Christchurch use a Nutcracker tow system, while Porters has multiple chair lifts making it easier for beginners to get up the mountain, and preserving the energy of more advanced skiers. It also offers ski schools with both group and private classes allowing beginners to learn from the experts while you get in a few of those advanced runs.

Porters also has some of the nicest accommodations in the area, allowing your kids to focus on learning to ski rather than “roughing it”. There are multiple family friendly accommodations nearby. The Porters Lodge is located on the access road to the ski area with both private and shared bunkrooms. The private rooms hold 4-6 people, making it ideal for a family getaway. There are also a couple accommodations in nearby Springfield. The Springfield Motel and Lodge offers large, comfortable rooms perfect for a family. It also offers shuttle service to Porters, and a nice, quiet environment for your family to enjoy the beautiful Craigieburn Range.

Porters is a wonderful place for a family to learn to ski, due to it's wide range of family friendly activities, nearby accommodations, and location. The ideal skiing spot for the family!


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