Craigieburn Haute Route

Craigieburn Haute Route

Chamonix has the big famous tour with telepheriques, gondolas and lodges.  Broken River has a funicular railway designed by an engineer club member! Assisted by a professional mountain guide, the tour starts at Craigieburn ski area and travels over the mountain peaks to Mt Olympus. The Craigieburns serve up a great tour between ski areas over five days.  You’ll see the entire range and link basins between ski areas - with riding on all aspects. 

No need to carry a heavy overnight pack -  each Ski Club has lodge accommodation that includes dinner, bed and breakfast.  We will use tows each morning to access the tops. Experience the unique culture of Canterbury’s club fields while touring between them.

“We’re stoked to be offering the Craigieburn Haute Route, not only will the terrain offer some superb skiing, each of the club fields and mountain lodges are unique. This a great way to get a taste of the atmosphere of club skiing and mountain environment” says Chill’s owner Stu Waddel.

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Day 1: Spend a day skiing Craigieburn Valley ski area, getting used to conditions, familiarizing yourself with your equipment and learning to ride the rope tows.  Travel across to Broken River, Allan’s Basin links the two ski areas to provide a large backcountry ski playground. Stay at Broken River. 

Day 2: Use Broken River lifts to begin the tour to Cheeseman ski field.  Depending on conditions it is possible to ski west face corn or southeast facing powder from Mt Wall.  Stay at Cheeseman’s high Snowline lodge.

Day 3: Ride Cheeseman lifts back to the ridge and ski classic Tarn Basin, cross Mt Cheese(person) and the grand Ryton basin to Mt Olympus and the Mt Olympus ski area.  Stay at the Top Lodge of Mt Olympus and enjoy New Zealand’s highest hot tub.

Day 4: Use lifts to tour to Mt Olympus backcountry.  Conditions allowing, we can ski out of the Ryton Basin - a basin that nearly became a ski area in the 1980’s.

This tour can also be reversed and may be preferable in this direction, depending on snow conditions.

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$1985.00/person. Customised tour also available. Cost is inclusive of: transfers, lift access, guide, accommodation, and food.

2017 Dates: 

9-13 August 2017 (best 4 out of 5 days)

16 - 20 August 2017 (best 4 out of 5 days)

30 August - 3 September 2017 (best 4 out of 5 days)

13 - 16 September 2017 (best 4 out of 5 days)

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