Ski Weeks

Broken River

BR offers awesome, unique ski weeks. They host the crew from Ski and Fly each winter as well as a dedicated Telemark week. Both are rising in popularity with skiers in the community looking for the next challenge, or surge of adrenalin.

The Telemark week consists of three lessons with certified skiing and telemarking instructors, 6 nights’ accommodation, and the opportunity to spend a week with other people passionate about this sport. Find out all the details and book here

Around the last week of August is when the speedriders take over for the annual Ski and Fly camp. This camp caters to beginner and intermediate flyers, and has been running at Broken River for five years now. The course covers launching, gaining control while flying, and keeping in control while flying. For intermediates, the course covers gaining confidence in the sport. Find out all the details and book here.

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Craigieburn Valley

Every year Craigieburn hosts four Grom’s weeks in the school holidays, with the idea of getting under 18 skiers and riders confident in skiing the club fields and big mountain terrain. They focus on snow safety and freeride training.

Dates and details of these events can change often, so flick an email to to learn more and book!

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Temple Basin

Temple Basin plays host to a range of ski weeks, some of them put on by the Temple Basin Ski Club, others by the Canterbury University Snowsports Club. The thing they have in common is the amount of stoked people coming in off the snow after a hard day of hiking, skiing, and snowboarding.

During the school holidays Temple Basin hosts a number of Supervised Junior Weeks and Family Weeks, all with the aim of getting the next generation of skiers and riders into skiing. You can book a ski week by getting in touch with the club at

CUSSC has a big ski week at the end of August, and it’s always guaranteed to be a party. This week is topped off by the Whitedot Enduro Race, and has a few smaller events in the middle of it. This week is a good way for students to reset before the last term of semester kicks in. This one is for the students, so check out for details on all their events.

SplitFest is the highlight on the calendar of any kiwi splitboarder and many people travel from overseas for this popular weekend (usually held in September). Read more here.

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Mt Olympus

With a themed ski week for every week of the season, Mt Olympus has plenty on offer for people visiting the field.  Here's a rundown of what's usually on offer each season:
Family Week
Junior Week
Midwinter Break
Mudflappers Week
Dogtuckers Week (old people)
Truants Week (families)
School Bunkers Week (young families)
Unibreak (student's 3 nighter)
Wrinkle Therapy (2 nighter)
Chillax 2 nighter
Pow Pow Week
Family Break Week (young familes & warmer temps)
Whanau Week
Spring Week
Final Frontier Week

All of these ski weeks include accommodation, meals, and lift tickets. To make a booking get in touch on

Check out the rest of the ski weeks here:

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Custom Ski Week

Feel like taking it at your own pace? You don't have to rely on just one mountain to arrange a ski week for you, do your research and DIY! A few essentials include a 4WD or chains for your 2WD, a harness, nutcracker and glove protector (for the Rope Tows: you can hire these from Chill), make sure you take plenty of food if you're staying in self-catered accommodation and the necessary gear if you're planning on going backcountry. We have put together a custom itinerary with personal favorites and recommendations:

Monday, Day 1:

Starting the day off the right way with a coffee and a hot pie from the Sheffield Pie Shop on your way to Porters to start your ski week.  Porters is a great way of starting off a week of skiing, as it gives you the opportunity to warm up and stretch your legs without hurting yourself or getting exhausted. Take a few laps of McNulty's to get the blood pumping and make your way to Big Mama. If you have touring gear, drop into Powder Basin off the ridge, or head into Crystal Valley, site of the proposed extension to Porters Ski Area.

Finishing up for the day, make your way to Cheeseman's Forest Lodge for the night. Check to see if the ice rink is open!

Helpful links:

Porters Ski Area snow report

Cheeseman Forest Lodge booking

Tuesday, Day 2:

Wake up to the sound of birdsong (and the generator firing!), make breakfast and prepare for the day ahead. Cheeseman is next on the menu, and there is plenty of terrain available for exploring. Drop into Tarn Basin for lazy powder laps in the lift accessed backcountry. The elephant holes are a great place to have a bit of freestyle fun, or play in the windblown powder stashes of Swiss Run, Way Wide, and Shirt Front.

Up for a challenge? Take the last run from Cockayne all the way down to the carpark through the Gunbarrel and finish up for the day. Drive on to Broken River in time to catch the inclinator/Tindall Tram to Whitestar Chalet for the night. Relax in the sauna after dinner.

Helpful links:

Broken River Whitestar Chalet booking

Wednesday, Day 3:

Join the few other weekday warriors making the walk up the Stairway to Heaven, don’t overdo it, you’ve got a long day of skiing ahead of you. Harness up and ride the Access and Rugby Tows to Broken River Basin. Drop your day packs off at Palmer Lodge and take Main Tow up Sunny Face. Take advantage of the natural features in BR Basin for a few inbound backcountry practice runs, before taking the Ridge Tow up Nervous Knob. Traverse along the ridge towards Allan’s Basin and Double Bowl, take your pick and drop in to take advantage of some of the best untracked powder in New Zealand. Stop in for a homemade pizza and beer on the deck of Palmer Lodge, before ducking under Rugby for lazy laps of Allan’s Basin to lower Allan’s.

Last run of the day, drop into the backcountry and make your way down to the carpark. Take the inclinator back up to the lodge for the night.

Thursday, Day 4:

Next morning, drop your gear off in the carpark and explore Broken River a bit more. The weather is starting to pack in, and your body is feeling the burn of 4 days’ worth of skiing. Head off to Craigieburn and use a Non-Ski Day Offer for a night of luxury in Koroheke lodge.

Helpful links:

Craigieburn Koroheke Lodge booking, call ahead to reserve your booking, as you are unable to use Non-Ski Day Offers for online bookings.

Non-Ski Day Offers information

Friday, Day 5:

Craigieburn is looking primo today, take full advantage of the failing conditions, and have a blast exploring the basins. As the storm kicks in, make your way down to Flock Hill for the night.

Helpful links:

Flock Hill Lodge

Saturday, Day 6:

A Nor’ West storm has rolled in bringing heavy rain through the pass. Take a break and stay inside at Flock Hill lodge for a rest day.

Helpful links:

Arthur's Pass activities

Sunday, Day 7:

Temple Basin and Nor’ Westers are synonymous with heavy snow storms that can drop as much as 2 meters in a day. By the time you make it up Temple Track, the fresh snow is already at your knees, and the staff have been digging out Temple Track all morning. Clip into your skis, rope up and take Temple Tow up to Downhill Basin. This wide open basin should give you more than enough opportunity to test the skills you’ve gained over the last few days.

Finish the day off with a short hike up the Mingha Col, and drop into Cassidy’s Basin. A snow storm like this is a rare occurrence, and you should be able to make it most of the way down Temple Basin Track to the carpark without walking. Watch for cliffs along the way!

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